Deutsche Bank Green Towers, 2006-2011

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Involvement: member of the design team, from 2008 to 2011, with Mario Bellini (CEO at Mario Bellini Architect(s)), Giulio Castegini and Giorgio Origlia (project leaders), Manuel Hoff, Alessandro Zufferli, Luca Bosetti and Camilla Galli (design team).

The complete renovation of the Deutsche Bank Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, is the result of an international competition won in 2006 by Mario Bellini Architect(s), Milan, Italy.
Among the most remarkable features of the intervention is the entrance hall’s total re-organization; flooded with natural light, it’s strongly defined by the presence of the twin towers, seen above the 16m-diameter steel sphere, heart of the new building.
Having its doors re-opened at the beginning of 2011, the building has been awarded LEED Platinum certification, for the application of eco-sustainable solutions that resulted in the reduction of 55% of electricity consumption, 74% of water usage and 55% of CO2 emission regarding the original building.
For such and also for having been considered Europe’s biggest green building renovation in the last years, the intervention has been widely published, and could be seen in Europe’s major newspapers and architectural magazines, such as Detail and AD Deutschland.
The project has been developed with German office gmp, in the role of technical local architects, and with several consultants such as Bollinger und Grohmann (sphere) ag Licht (lighting), Kipar (landscape), S.A.N (structure) e unit-design (visual communication).
More information at the official website and at Mario Bellini Architect(s) website.